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Skirmish Samford FAQ's


Frequently Asked Questions


Skirmish Samford started back in 1989. So, we have been around for a decent amount of time. We have instigated many changes in this time form constantly upgrading equipment to new innovations. This has been for one simple reason, that you the customer to have the best skirmish (paintball) experience.

We have the largest Fort in Qld plus the only 2 battle bunkers and Iron Dome in the world. Please come out and have a go, as you will be in awe of this and the other structures that we have at Skirmish Samford

Who Can Play

Paintball in Queensland is permitted under the Queensland Weapons Act Players minimum age is 15yrs to play, proof of age may be required.

What Happens

Upon arrival, be it with workmates, group or just by yourself, you are divided into two teams. Then there will be a participant briefing by the staff, after this you can gear up and play. One thing for certain is that you will have some stories to tell after your game!

How Long Are The Games

You will play a series of paintball games that are unique to Skirmish Samford. They include attack and defend the Fort so just this game can go from 10 to 20 minutes and that is just one game. Each game is unique, and you won’t be out of the action for long. There are rest breaks to "unwind and tell a few stories".

What To Bring

Participants must have fully enclosed footwear to play. Bring along your outdoor style footwear (no smooth soles or heels). Uniforms are included in most of the packages so older clothes for underneath is recommended. A towel and some drinking water is always a good idea. Younger players may need some ID as proof of age may be required.

What's It Like

Simply great fun. When a paintball splats into a tree or a barricade beside you your heart will race and its game time.

Does It Hurt

Not as much as you might think! The impact of the paintball near you will get your senses buzzing, the action more exciting, the adrenalin pumping whilst evading the incoming paintballs. If you get hit, the thin shell breaks and the paint splatters on you. Games are structured to help prevent the players overrunning each other. Besides if it hurt that bad, no one would want to play! And a lot of people come back for more action.

Are all Paintball Fields the Same?

No. Looking through these pages. Our playing fields are unmatched in Queensland, and the infrastructure and equipment is the envy of our competition.You can have a great day with us or wish your skirmish (paintball) game had been with us.

What makes Skirmish Samford better?

Every aspect of our facility is aimed to provide you and your mates with the best possible paintball experience. Don't be disappointed, make sure you play at Skirmish Samford also known as Skirmish Samford Paintball.

What are the Requirements?

Only that players be over 15years to play and that they bring along comfortable outdoor boots or joggers and a sense of adventure..

What Equipment do we use?

We equip you with only the best gear, BT-4 Combat Semi Auto and JT Premise Anti-Fog Goggles, camo uniform, and tactical harness.
BT make the most reliable paintball guns available, and that's what you want. With one of these in your hands, you only have two things to worry about, getting the other team in your sights and of course having fun. The JT Premise anti-fog goggle system offers the benefit of full face protection, and player comfort. We've fitted it with the best anti fog system available. This combination will ensure you have uninterrupted clear vision and fun during play.