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About Skirmish Samford


About Skirmish Samford

Skirmish Samford Paintball started in 1989 as the second paintball field to open in Australia.
It originally opened up as 'Skirmish Samford' this was because skirmish was the most well known name for paintball, in fact, 'paintball', did not even exist back then.
Since then the game of skirmish also known as paintball has expanded alot over time.

The paintball guns started as bolt actions, to pump actions, then semi autos, to today the updated Empire BT -4 combats semi auto paintball gun.

The goggles have gone through a similar evolution with simple safety goggles to now the latest JT premise 270 degree vision full face mask.

Intriguingly the classic camoflage overall is still the same clothing design.

At Skirmish Samford the games have expanded over time, from the original Capture the Flag to more involved challenges plus with the Iron Dome and Battle bunker it has taken paintball to a new level.

What has remained the same throughout, is our guarantee to our customers, that is to provide the best paintball experience with the most competitive price.

Our field is a very short drive from Brisbane, it has the exclusive paintball specific Battle Bunker in the World, in fact it has two (2).
These along side the biggest specially built paintball, three (3) level fort and the paintball Iron Dome will give an extraordinary experience.

And just to note, skirmish and paintball are different names but it is the same game that they refer too.